International Journal of Engineering, Applied and Management Sciences Paradigms

Review Process (Well-Defined Peer-Review and Publication Policy)

Peer Review Process:

1. The contents in this Journal are added after peer-review process.

2. The manuscripts added in this journal after advice from reviewers’ expert in the field.

3. Judgments will be objective. It means either the decision of reviewer's team will be accepted or rejected or required modification of manuscript.

4. Reviewers will have no conflict of interest for particular manuscript.

5. Reviewers will point out relevant published work which is not yet cited.

6. All the Reviewed articles will be treated confidentially.

Publication Policy to accept a Manuscript:

1. Each manuscript will be primarily examined by the editor, and then forwarded to two referees for blind review. The research paper shall be published subject to recommendation of referees. The review process may take up to a week to one month (Maximum two months in extra ordinary circumstances).

2. The author's shall be informed about the selection/rejection of the article/paper by e-mail only. However, the journal shall publish the article/papers of the authors completing the formalities in due time mentioned in the selection letter/email.

3. In case of acceptance of the article and completion of publication formalities by the author, journal reserves the right of making amendments in the final draft of the research paper to suit the journal's requirement.

International Journal of Engineering, Applied and Management Sciences Paradigms